Meet the parents...

    Below are a few photos of our adults -- All are of the Show English Champion Pedigree, some have earned points toward Championship titles at a recent registration  dog show (see ribbons below)  --Over the last 25 years of breeding we continue to strive to bring out the best of a Labrador  and we are very pleased with each of our males - Each bring a special trait into our lines. 

As for our females --- we have raised out of our own lines --- we are on our 3rd, 4th and 5th generations, creating our own exclusive lines.  Alot goes into choosing a 'pick of the litter' to keep. We look at, first of all  heatlh,  confirmation, disposition and also which line combination will bring the best out of the breed, with the AKC standard in mind -as well as matching personalities.

We have learned alot over the years and enjoy the disposition of each of them.  All  of our males have Penn Hip certifications done and most have the OFA Elbow clearances.  As we have raised out of our lines, we are creating a strong line of health, quality and great dispositions.






Meet Duke's son -- Houston, our newest addition - he is Penn Hip certified pending & has a wonderful disposition.



Introducing our new chocolate male -Samson, he is the grandson of Dillon, our family favorite-  He is Penn Hip certified & DNA tested  - and has the Show English Champion lines on both his Dads side and on  his mothers side.He has a wonderful personality and is an excellant demeanor.



Chase, Dad of our chocolate females - his dad is Canadian Champion sired with many OFA ratings in his lineage - Chase is Hip Certified  & DNA tested, he has an excellant disposition!!  Chase  is retired.


Dilion -  the granddad, and g-granddad of our yellows - our all time favorite - in appearance and personality!  Dillon is retired.





Meet - I'Riley,  we are excited about him, he is Champion Sired, Penn Hip Certified & DNA tested - he  has an excellant dispoistion! He has earned points toward  a Champion title.




Duke, the grand dad of most of our puppies, he is Penn Hip certifed, OFA elbow certifed, DNA tested - and has won  several ribbon at a registered dog show, he has earned points toward  the Champion title. Duke is retired.




Over the last 8 years we had the opportunity to enter some of our adults in a local registration dog show. We have brought home ribbons every time and have earned points toward Championship titles. This is to keep our 5 Star Breeder Program current and up todate as we strive to bring the best out of the breed.  For Labs are an amazing breed!



 Thanks to all who have chosen Keystone Labs - and for the updates . -- we love the photos you have sent us-----

INTRODUCING our newest addition, Big Ben -- his parents are both Grand-Champion, Champion, with them having OFA, OFEL, EYE. , Three of his grandparents are Grand-Champion, Champion and the forth is Champion, all are OFA, OFEL, EYE certified. Pedigree lines include -- Belquest, Gateway's, Conclusion's, Boradors, to name a few.

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